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GBTicket is grateful to the following organisation(s) and individual(s):

  1. Royal Mail Group Ltd

For the use of Royal Mail Cruciform (Standard) © and Trade Marks of Royal Mail Group Ltd.

Reproduced by kind permission of Royal Mail Group Ltd. All rights reserverd.


  1. Mr RVJ Butt

For the use of station names and renamings (United Kingdom), taken from RVJ Butt, Directory of Railway Stations, Patrick Stephens Limited, Sparkford, 1995, in the search facility of our database.

Reproduced by kind permission of RJV Butt. All rights reserved.


  1. Business Link

For the use of their sample internet policies and notices which we modified to produce our own statements, tailored to GBTicket's needs.


  1. International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) - United Kingdom

For the use of the ICC UK Cookie Guide.