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Tramway Ticket, Ipswich Corporation Tramways, Whitton, 2d, Advert: Flangola Hosier, Serial No P9285

Code: 8284 | GBTnº 6751

Price: £ 4.00

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Tram Ticket, Coventry Corp Tramways, 2d, Advert: The London Laundry, Serial No Qi3596
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Undated, condition of ticket: good, mounted
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Tram Ticket, Southampton Corp Tramways, Advert: Brickwood Sunshine Ales, Serial No 2210
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Undated, condition of ticket: good, slightly creased, stain on reverse
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Tram Ticket, Gateshead and District Trams, 1 1/2d, Advert: Littlewoods, Serial No 8930
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Undated, condition of ticket: very good, undamaged
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