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Bus Ticket, Southport Corporation and Ribble Motor Services, Joint Single Ticket, 2 1/2d, Serial No 2414

Code: 8269 | GBTnº 6738

Price: £ 3.00

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Road Ticket, London Passenger Transport Board, Service 14, 1d
£ 3.00
Undated, Condition of ticket: very good, undamaged, Image displayed is a sample of the items in stock
Code: 349 | GBT: 145
BusTicket, City of Leicester Tramways, Late Passenger Service, 6d, Serial No F0807
£ 6.00
09/09/1934, condition of ticket: very good, undamaged
Code: 4616 | GBT: 3877
Bus Ticket, West Hartlepool Corp Transport, Children, 1d, Advert: John G Deathers Memorial Sculptor, Serial No 2570
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Issued, condition of ticket: very good, undamaged
Code: 8267 | GBT: 6736